Cannes Lions

The Festival Palace is situated at the very heart of Cannes, surrounded by the port, the sea and the best shops.

As I was entering the building I was expecting to see lots of people running in all the directions in an atmosphere similar to the stock exchange, as the organizers announced thousands of participants. I was happy to see that everything was well organized and ready to start: no crowding and enough room for everybody.

The first day proved to be interesting and even great in some points – probably this was the warm-up.

Some anecdotes for example deserve to be mentioned: one of the Goviral representatives was describing his trip to India where he discovered a Beckham’s statue, made of Gold and representing Buddha.

The priest’s answer when he was asked about it was even more astonishing : Beackam is about football and people love football. Then why not combine football and religion? The priest needed “to increase the traffic” of his temple so he did what he had to do….

So, one of the ideas was that brands are influencing as much as religion and – if you didn’t know it – according to a recent study, 37% of our talks are about brands…

And an other thought that deserve consideration – even if you don’t have anything to do (because of a bad period), go out and do something, anything!

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